Sunday, 11 March 2012

Great music

I'm listening to John Tesh's Big Band concert on PBS right now. Such wonderful music! Mr P would enjoy it.

My mom took me to many free jazz, swing, big band concerts when I was little. She'd look for them for me. We were lucky to go to Expo 86 in Vancouver. Wouldn't you know it, at the Ontario pavilion, there was a university big band concert.

Dan Lapp. I remember his name after all these years! He played trumpet in that band. I enjoyed that free concert more than Paul Revere and the Raiders.

There aren't many songs better than "In the Mood".

My dad was born in 1930 down in Windsor, ON. There was/is a radio station in Detroit (across the river from Windsor) called WJR (the voice of the Tigers - God bless Ernie Harwell). Every Sunday, they would play this old music - music from the war. I was weaned from my bottle onto this music (my mom didn't breastfeed me). It is the main fabric of the music of my life's quilt.

I wish my first introduction to John Tesh wasn't Entertainment Tonight. He's certainly talented, but I'm having a hard time taking him seriously. I'll just close my eyes and listen...drift away in my memories...

As an aside, I'm going home to Windsor this weekend! I haven't been home to spend time in more than 4 years. It's been far too long.

I wonder what WJR will be playing on Sunday?


  1. Wow. I found a Daniel Lapp on the Internet. It said he played at Expo 86. Not from Ontario, though. I wrote him to ask if he played in the big band concert. Would that be strange that I remembered his name correctly, but not the pavilion? Oh, the crush of a 15 year old girl!

  2. Ok: strange world. It was him (he wrote me back). Canadian fiddle player now. I must have seen him when he was playing for Humber College. He played at opening of Olympics in 2010. Google him. Great talent!