Monday, 13 February 2012

Feb 13

I think I should have made this a database. Some names repeat in day to day readings. I apologise.

Feb 13

Look up quote - farewell, thou latter spring! Farewell, All-hallowed summer!


Archibald MacLeish JB
Literature and poetry
3 Pulitzer prizes
National medal of literature
Presidential medal of freedom

WH Auden p 279

James Baldwin - "giovanni's room"

Pat hingle
Raymond Massey vincent's brother
Jimmy Olson
Cliff James
Janet ward
Christopher Walken
Sandra church
Julie styne
Lee becker
Paul Newman
Rip Torn
Sidney blackmer
Madeleine Sherwood
Geraldine page
Ford rainey
James daly
Richard chamberlain

Gregory peck iggumfoo
Martin gable
Tyrone power
David nicen + mr P

Elia Kazan

West side story
Sweet bird of youth - t Williams
The silver tassie - Sean O'Casey's
The smears of Norway

Steve Sondheim

Billy wilder

Dr Kildare
Things to come
A matter of life and death
49th parallel

Ray Massey - ran the Apollo theatre in London

The list weekend

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