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Feb 5, 2012 Bermuda part 1

I want a job in Bermuda. Do they pay midwives well down there? This section of the book was written after the death of his mother (I will blog about that at another time). He became employed in a year round rep theatre in Bermuda.  Tough job.

Hollywood actors/actresses would go to this theatre weeks at a time, and work with the permanent actors. Kate Reid was working there, too.  My mom saw Ms Reid in Stratford (with Mr. P) when my mom was a schoolgirl. I think she played the nurse in Romeo and Juliet, if I remember correctly.

I've been helping my younglings get ready for their auditions (to be held on Tuesday). The play is Willy Wonka. A play I know! The first night, helping them learn their songs, I cried sappy mommy tears.  Day 5 and I'm still crying sappy mommy tears.  What will I be like when I see them on stage?? I don't know if it's a good thing Cordelia makes a good Veruca or not. Luke sounds good singing Think Positive (reprise) and Mike Teavee's I See It All on TV.  Whatever part they get, they will be wonderful because they are having fun.

My question: how can Mr. P's memories be so good about those with whom he worked, which roles, the plays? I can barely remember those I was onstage with 30 years ago, and this book goes back 60 + years.  He must have his own personal archives. 

And let me apologize for the misspellings and missed capitalizations.  While I am reading, I am inputting the information onto my iPhone. It's usually too cumbersome to make sure everything is capitalized.  Sorry.
Feb 5

Wagner's Liebstod

Radio play
Etherege's man of mode

Andrew Allan 

Marian seldes
Kate Reid
Ruth McDevitt
Barbara Hamilton
Johann fillinger
Eric House
Waverly (step daughter of John Steinbeck n daughter of Zachary Scott)
Burgess Meredith
Jeffrey Lynn
Constance Cummings
Kay Francis
Ilka chase
Edward Everett Horton
Eric blore
Carmel Miranda 
Florence Reid 
Tallulah Bankhead
Constance collier
Ruth chatterton
Zachary Scott
Peter Lorre 
Sydney greenstreet
Franchot tone
Harold clurman
Elia Kazan 
Cheryl Crawford 
Clifford Odets 
John Osborne (England)
Bertholt Brecht (America)

The tempest
Playboy of the western world
The petrified forest
Springtime for Henry 
André roussin's nina
Astaire-Rogers musicals
Ruggles of red gap
Design for living
Edna Ferber's the royal family
The yellow ticket
palléas and mélisande
Barrie's little minister and what every woman knows
The little foxes Lillian Ruth's 
The mask of demetrios

Ben Levy
William Faulkner requiem for a nun
Sam behrman's the second man
Chekovian -uncle vanya and a moon g (uh oh - missed something here)

we sailed away for a year and a day in a beautiful pea-green boat -Edward Lear the owl and the pussy cat

we had dolled ourselves up in our best bib and tucker 
And devoured with a vengeance the food, drink, and succor
Stanhope was, I admit, a great host, the old - - ! Author needed (Stanhope Joel theatre in bermuda's principal backer)

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