Thursday, 23 February 2012

No reading today

I was going to read at lunch, but I received a phone call asking me if my monthly Breastfeeding group was still going on. I have never missed a meeting! I arrived half an hour late. Oops. I'm so glad the women in my group 1) called me and 2) loved me enough to call and 3) got in touch with. caterer, too. Melissa - you saved the day. I owe you!

Luke had cubs after dinner. Then I had to get my hair cut for the presentation I'm giving in Toronto next week.

I am too hyped from the day to read now.

Oh, Kevin Spacey is on Letterman tonight. PVR all set up. Hmm - I thought his goatee was greyer the last I saw an interview with him.

Anyone else seen an interview with him about his Richard III? Eerily similar to Mr Plummer's. And Mr P helped rebuild The Globe as Kevin did with The Old Vic. I wonder how The old Vic board was with it. Mr P had a hell of a time - 2 different groups trying to do it at the same time. What questions I have for the both of them...


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