Saturday, 18 February 2012

Feb 18 - welcome to the 60's

Feb 18, 2012
royal Shakespeare company 1961
Geraldine McEwan
Dorothy Turtin
Ian bennan
Eric Porter
Ian Richardson
Roy Dotrice
Colin Blakely
Richard Johnson
Peter O'Toole
Ian holm
Diana Rigg
Dame Peggy Ashcroft
Margaret Leighton
Dame Edith Evans
Esmond Knight
Sir John Gielgud


Patrick Wymark
Newton Blick
Ian Bannen
Peter McEnery
Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies
Janet munro
Tommy cooper (comic)
Lenny Bruce
Martha Henry
John colicos
Toby Robbins
Douglas rain
Hope Lange
John Ireland
James Mason
Andrew Keir
Sophia Loren
Omar Sharif
Doc Erikson
Count Friedrich von ledebur
Dougie Wilmer
Lady Diana Duff-Cooper
Ann Todd
Elvi Hale
George murcell
Paul and Joanne Newman
Eli and Annie Wallachs
Stephen Boyd
Maximilian Schell
Robert Shaw
Alec Clunes
Steven birkoff
Roy kinnear
Philip Locke
Donald Sutherland
Ernest Milton
Michael Caine
Lionel Stander
Elisha Cooke jr
Mervyn Vye
Tom Pedi

First actors to be on satellite - after speech by pres Kennedy

Noel Willam
Peter Wood
Anthony (Puffin) Asquith
Anthony Mann
Tony Richardson

Hugh binkie Beaumont
Anatol Tolly de grunwald
Peter Hall
Royal Shakespeare's boss
David Merrick

Alec Whittaker

Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree

House of Cards

US - tribute to pres Kennedy on PBS

Waking Ned Devine
Lawrence of Arabia
The producers
My favourite year
The fall of the roman empire
The VIPs
God's Little Acres
The man from Laramie
The far country
El Cid
Stage Coach
Moby Dick
Dolce Vita
The seventh veil
Heroes of telemark
A dandy in Aspic
55 days at Peking
Hamlet - tv -Emmy award, plus nomination for mr p
The entertainer
The loved ones- Evelyn Waugh
Tom jones

Becket - jean Anouilh
The lady from the sea
Stop the world: I want to get off - tony newley & Leslie Bricusse
Fings ain't wot they used t'be - Joan littlewood & Oh! What a lovely war
Beyond the fringe - Dudley Moore Jonathan miller & allan Bennett
Damn Yankees
Ghosts - Ibsen
Arturo Ui
Look back in anger - John Osbourne changed English speaking theatre forever?

Paradise Lost - Milton

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