Tuesday, 14 February 2012

February 14 Family History at Stratford

History for me in here is part of my family history. Mr P discussed being in Romeo and Juliet in Stratford. This was my mom's first (and maybe only) play she saw. I grew up thinking, believing, that Stratford was the best of the best. Kate Reid (the Nurse) and Mr P were like long lost relatives. I am glad he has been alive ling enough for not just me, but my children especially, to have seen him work his magic on stage. I wish I could take them all with me this summer. But, they have all seen him at a book signing. Dakota and Cordelia (of course) met him. Dakota saw him in The Tempest. Maybe one day his kids will tell the story - I wonder who their generations's Mr P will be?

Feb 14

Nichols and May
Flanders and Swann
Mike Gazzo (a hatful of rain)
Zero Mostel
George Tabori
Jule Styne
Lerner and Loewe
Herman Levin
Moss Hart

Elaine Dundy - the dud avocado

Johnny Carson
Joe Allan
Shelley Winters
Tony Franciosa
Sus Caesar
Art carney
Steve Allan
Jules Munshin
Jones Harris (father Jed Harris - Broadway)
Ralph Richardson
Vivica Lindfors
Jack Lemmon
Eileen Heckart
Hume Cronyn
Inger Stevens
Gig young
Katherine Hepburn
Diana Lynn
Paul muni
Irene worth
Joan Plowright
Lauren bacall
Greer Garson
George rose
Liam Redmond
Dame Edith Evans

The Four Feathers
The autocrat of the breakfast table
Forbidden planet
A doll's house - Ibsen
Johnny belinda
The prisoner of Zenda
Dial m for murder
The Philadelphia story
A letter from the queen
The oresteia
Captain brassbound's conversion
Time remembered
Swiss family Robinson

Toys on the attic
The unsinkable Molly Brown
A taste of honey
King John
The way of the world

Fielder Cook

Conrad janis - trombone tailgate five
Mabel mercer
Mel Tormé
Perry como
Ellen terry
William Poel

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