Wednesday, 1 February 2012

update on plans for blog


Update on plans for blog

I had a fight with the new computer. It won. There is something about tumblr and that toshiba that doesn’t click. It lost a post that I worked on for an hour.
And I don’t get computer time often. A family of 6 = mom at bottom of computer time. Next week, I’ll move myself up again. I quite enjoy the time alone I get after the boys go to bed. It is revitalising. Even more so, when doing my detective work on passages from Mr P’s book.
The plan now is to read the book quickly and post the easy to find passages, and quick to read, immediately.
When I can’t google my way to find the author, I will go to library. If they can’t help, I’ve recruited friends who are drama, theatre, and literature types (far better read than I) who have accepted my request to bug them. And I thank you all. Any passages we cannot find, will be posted here, as a last resort, for any public at large to help.
I won’t hold up writing for a lost passage. I am planning on watching the movies, too. Perhaps, those close to me will want to join for a movie/potluck/discussion night.
My intent is I have the book reread prior to Stratford’s opening night. It shouldn’t be difficult. I loved my dates with Chris before. I will just read the book in the warmth of my office, where I actually have a bed (to teach moms how to nurse lying down, and for naps for the midwives during a long labour).
This blog will take much longer than a few months. I just want to highlight what I can quickly find, what I’ll need to search for, and what will take time to read.
I love research. Some of the quotes will take research. I’m very excited!

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