Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My new book does not smell anymore

Thanks, @stratfest! My reading is more enjoyable - and filled with love and gratitude to you...and all the magic inside the covers.

Apologies for spelling errors. I read the book with my phone on my chest (if I'm lying down) or at my side if sitting up. When I see what I believe to be a new name, I type it into my notes on phone. At night, I just copy and paste. One day, I'll go through and correct. I should get my eldest to do it. He is great with grammar!

Feb 21.

Today's reading also details resurrecting the Globe theatre. Good read!

Oepidus the king rex - Paul Roche - poet
The life and death f colonel blimp
I know where I'm going
The avengers
Never on Sunday
Chimes at midnight
Serpent of the Nile
Tunes of glory - James kennaway
Lock up your daughters
Half a six-pence
Mutiny on the bounty
The battle of Britain
The royal hunt of the sun
Susannah York
Doctor zhivago
Indiana jones and Temple of doom
Dragon slayer
Travels with my aunt

Antony and cleopatra
The government inspector
Dance of death
Merry wives
The relapse - John vanbrugh
Where the rainbow ends
Sir Roy Strong

Michael Luke, brother of Peter Luke
Harry saltzman
Bennie fisz

Irene Pappas
Cyril Cusack
Roger livesey
Richard Johnson
Lilli palmer
Diana Rigg
Katherine Cornell
Zoe Caldwell (cleopatra @ stratfest)
Alan bates
Faye dunaway
Elaine regina Taylor
Dora Bryan
Tommy Steele
Michael MacLiammoir
Hugh Griffith
Sam Wanamaker
Donal Donnelly

Prospero's Cell -- Lawrence Durrell

Jean gascon
Irving Lerner
Will Roach
Sergei bondarchuk

Sir John Betjeman

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