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January 24 - Oh, the music!!!


January 24 - Oh, the music!!

My dad was born 3 weeks after Christopher Plummer, down outside Windsor, Ontario. But he is French Canadian. His parents were from St. Donat. He missed the war, too. I could hear my dad saying the same things as Mr. P said in his book.
I was also raised on the music of this time; my dad made sure of it. Today’s list is very long, mostly musicians. I think when I write my blog on a computer, I’ll link to a song from one of these greats…but it is not this day! (Lord of the Rings reference for my son, Braeden). 
But I lied, I have a computer tonight.  YES!  I love this music.  I posted youtube links of a few favourites.  I’m going back in time to being a little girl, listening to WJR with my dad….
Jan 24/12
Yeller dog dingo or lobo the wolf from Ernest Thompson Seton
Alice in wonderland
John Wilkes Booth
Charles dickens
William Charles Macready
Pride and Prejudice
Wuthering heights
Movie - Laura
Mark twain- Montreal quote
L for Lanky - about life on a Lancaster
The archers BBC Play
Adrienne Lecouvreur
The two mrs carrolls
King Lear
The importance of being Ernest
Gene Fowler’s “Good Night, Sweet Prince”
As you like it
The tempest
Much ado about nothing, quote p 53
Music -
Oscar Peterson - (Georgia on my Mind
Heifetz - violinist (playing Paganini - one of my favourites - Caprice #13
Ziggy Ellman (I’m through with Love - great song!
Joseph Szigeti - (violinist - here he is playing Haendel: Larghetto
Nathan Milstein (violin, playing another favourite of mine - Kreutzer Sonata, 1st Movement
Percy Grainger (Grieg) piano Concerto in A Minor (a link to the actual song !
Rachmaninov -(a recording of him playing -
Lucienne Boyer (a French singer - gorgeous voice -
Mabel Mercer (how have I NOT heard her name before?  She’s incredible!!
Jean Sablon - (theme song to above-mentioned movie, Laura
I’m starting to think I was born in the wrong decade…all this music - what is wrong with the music today? I want this back…
Charles Trenet (oh my goodness, I’m in love and you don’t need to speak french to love this song…
Jacqueline Fran├žois (I picked this song because one day, I’d love to spend my April birthday in Paris -
Carl Brisson (I actually remember this song - Little White Gardenia -
George Shearing - tenderly, roses of Picardy, lullabye of birdland (he was blind - great story about him in the book - I remember the title from WJR -
Fats Waller (sigh - I love this - Ain’t Misbehavin’
Art Tatum (playing Gershwin -
My stroll down memory lane will stop here tonight.  Thanks, youtube!  Where would we be without you?
Coming up next blog? Tommy Dorsey! Glen Miller! Cab Calloway!
Johnny Gallant
Suzi Solidor
Hildegarde - I Dream Too Much
Celeste Holm
Anne Francine
Monica Boyar
Josephine Premise
Frank Sinatra
Leonard Bernstein
Jean lallemand
Billy Daniels
Tony Martin
Judy Garland
Edith Piaf
Louis Armstrong
Ella Fitzgerald
Lady Patachou
Kay Thompson
Angela Lansbury
Glen Miller
Tommy Dorsey
Stan Kenton
Cab Calloway
Milton Berle
Sophie Tucker
Dede Pastor
Charles Aznavour
Diana Barrymore
John Barrymore
Elaine Stritch
Edward VIII abdication speech
Churchill -pickwick as the god of war or militant falstaff
Les fusiliers de Montreal
Regiment Vingt deux
Not to look up Hockey references :-) 

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